Mount Keen

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Mount Keen
Aberdeenshire, Angus
The view into Glen Esk, From West Knock - - 566327.jpg
Range: The Mounth
Summit: 3,081 feet NO409869
56°58’10"N, 2°58’25"W

Mount Keen is the easternmost of all the Munros, standing to a height of 3,081 feet, its summit marking the border of Aberdeenshire with Angus.

In Gaelic the name of the hill is Monadh Caoin.


Mount Keen can be approached from any of several directions: south from Glen Mark, north from Glen Tanar, and east to Braid Cairn, each requiring a good walk, or uuse of a sturdy bicycle.

The summit is marked by a trig point. On a good day, Lochnagar and the Cairngorms rise bold on the horizon to the west and northwest.

Path quality is very good on the approach to the mountain. There is a wide forestry track most of the way to the foot of the mountain if approaching from Aboyne and Glen Tanar. Path quality on the mountain itself is moderate. An effort has been made to widen and ensure the path remains water free, however rain has left some shallow channels in the path. Further up, the path becomes rocky yet easy to walk on unless in icy conditions.

Mount Keen

There is a steep drop to the East of the summit so in icy conditions care should be taken. Limited shelter can be taken beside large boulders and a trig point allows walkers to collect their bearings.

In 2002 the footbridge at the base of Mount Keen on the Glen Tanar side was washed away. To allow for improved access to this popular Munro the bridge has been replaced.

Munros in SMC Area SMC Section 7 - Glenshee to Mount Keen

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