Meall Garbh (Càrn Mairg Group)

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Meall Garbh
Meall Garbh from Carn Gorm.jpg
Meall Garbh from Càrn Gorm
Summit: 3,176 feet NN647517
56°38’15"N, 4°12’27"W

Meall Garbh is a mountain in Perthshire, which reaches a height of 3,176 feet at its summit, and so it qualifies as a Munro.

It stands on the north side of Glen Lyon. Its flat summit of the hill has two tops of almost equal height, the north-west summit being considered the higher and so listed in the Munro Tables.

Meall Garbh is usually climbed as part of a circuit of the watershed of the Invervar burn, a nine-mile route taking four Munros. If done clockwise, Meall Garbh is the second summit reached, following Càrn Gorm. The subsequent two summits are Càrn Mairg and Meall nan Aighean.

The summit cairn of Meall Garbh is unusual in that it is composed of old iron stake posts, rather than stones.