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Maelor Saesneg ("English-speaking Maelor") is the main detached part of Flintshire, often referred to as Flintshire Detached. In 2001 the population was 6,363.


In 1397, under King Richard II, the Maelor Saesneg was merged with the County Palatine of Chester to form the Principality of Chester. In 1536 the area was included in Flintshire, forming the Hundred of Maelor. Although part of Flintshire, Maelor Hundred is an exclave, surrounded by Cheshire, Shropshire and Denbighshire. It includes the villages of Bangor on Dee, Bettisfield, Bronington, Hanmer, Knolton, Penley, Tybroughton, Willington and Worthenbury. The administrative centre of the area was historically Overton.


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