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Looking down the length of Loch Kirkaig with the tiny twin islets of Sgeir Mhòr visible in the distance

Loch Kirkaig is a small tidal sea loch, that separates Assynt in south-west Sutherland from Coigach in Cromartyshire. Loch Kirkaig is a mile and a quarter south of Loch Inver. The scattered crofting township of Inverkirkaig is located next to a pebbly beach, at the headland of the round bay, which has no known name.[1] The name Kirkaig comes from Old Norse, Kirkju-vik meaning "church bay", perhaps suggesting that in Viking times, there was a church, with a village located in the bay.[2]


Inverkirkaig lies at the head of the sea loch, surrounding a small sand and pebble beach. The principal settlement in the area is the village of Lochinver in Assynt, which is located a mile north-west of the beach, along the unnamed coast road.


Loch Kirkaig is bounded by Kirkaig point in the north, and Ribha na Brèige point.

Loch Kirkaig is fed by the River Kirkaig, which drains the lochs of Fionn Loch, Loch Veyatie, Cam Loch Loch á Chapuil, and indirectly Loch nan Ràc, Loch Borralan and Loch Urigill. Travelling in a southeasterly direction along the River Kirkaig through a wooded glen, is the natural wonder and tourist attraction, the 66-foot Falls of Kirkaig.[3]

The small island of Sgeir Mhòr is located close to the southern coast of the bay.


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