Falls of Kirkaig

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Falls of Kirkaig.

The Falls of Kirkaig is a 60-foot waterfall on the River Kirkaig, which forms the border between Cromartyshire and Sutherland. The falls can be accessed from the car park on the Sutherland side of the river to the east of Inverkirkaig.

The walk follows the path alongside the River Kirkaig, initially through ancient woodland of birch, rowan, hazel and aspen, before it comes out onto the open moorland. The wildlife along the way is a combination of riverside and moorland, with dippers, wagtails and sandpipers rubbing shoulders with dunlin and greenshank.

About two miles up the track are the falls. Climbing down is essential for the best views, but it can be very slippery.

Continuing on, past the Falls, is one route into Suilven, but not for the unprepared or unwary.

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