Falls of Lochay

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Falls of Lochay
Waterfall and fish ladder on the River Lochay - geograph.org.uk - 745466.jpg
The Falls of Lochay, and fish ladder
River: River Lochay
Co-ordinates: 56°29’7"N, 4°22’4"W

The Falls of Lochay are a series of fine waterfalls on the River Lochay in Perthshire. They are situated on the lower stretch of the river, above Murlaganmore, and two and a half miles from Killin, where the Lochay joins the River Dochart as they both enter the head of Loch Tay.

The falls are popular with canoeists.

Fish ladder

The damming of the River Lyon nearby blocked a route for salmon heading for the spawning grounds in the higher reaches of that river, and so a fish lift was installed on the Lochay. This is not a static fish ladder such as that seen at Pitlochry but more readily resembles a canal lock: a lower pool is fed by a stream of water which draws the fish in, then at regular intervals a lower gate is closed and the water level raised until the fish can swim out at the upper level.

Power station

A hydro-electric power station has been built here, without destroying all the falls, which forms part of the Breadalbane Hydro-Electric Power Scheme.