Culter Fell

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Culter Fell
Lanarkshire, Peeblesshire
Culter Fell from the north
Range: Southern Uplands
Summit: 2,454 feet NT052290
55°32’44"N, 3°30’14"W

Culter Fell or Culter Hill is a hill in the Southern Uplands on the border of Lanarkshire and Peeblesshire. The fell is the highest point of a network of ridges that lie south of the village of Culter, close to the town of Biggar in Lanarkshire, and is the highest point in Lanarkshire.

The hill most easily climbed from the north-west. The best starting point is the mouth of Kings Beck, at NT031305, though only a private track leads this far and unauthorised vehicles are not permitted: cars should therefore be parked at Birthwood, 500 yards further back.

It is tempting to walk up the track leading up the King's Beck, but the direct route up the north-west ridge is much easier. The slope is smooth and dry, the vegetation is short, and although there is no constructed footpath, helpful steps have been cut by the boots of previous climbers.

An alternative starting point is at Glenkirk, to the east (NT077295). From here, a circular route along a ridge including Chapelgill Hill is among several additional options.

There is extensive sheep farming and sporting activity in the area, so care should be taken when accessing Culter Fell in the spring or late summer.

From the summit, the view on a clear day stretches from the Cumberland fells in the south to the Highlands in the north.