Cheeks Hill

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Cheeks Hill
Staffordshire, Derbyshire
Cheeks Hill - - 175759.jpg
Cheeks Hill summit from the Staffordshire side
Range: Staffordshire Moorlands
Summit: 1,705 feet SK02616990
53°13’34"N, 1°57’44"W

Cheeks Hill is a hill near Buxton, standing on the border between Derbyshire and Staffordshire. The border here forms an acute angle, with Derbyshire all around and Staffordshire in the point; Cheeks Hill stands at the apex.

Cheeks Hill, on the very border, is the highest point in Staffordshire, reaching 1,705 feet high.

The hill is part of the Axe Edge Moor and lies close to the Cat and Fiddle Road.


At the summit there is a dry stone wall marking the border between Staffordshire and Derbyshire, on the Staffordshire side there is a disused quarry and shaft, On the Derbyshire side is Dane Head which is the start of the River Dane, nearby is Three Shires Head and Cheeks Hill is the most northern point in Staffordshire.