Blacklorg Hill

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Blacklorg Hill
Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire
Blacklorg Hill towards Afton Reservoir - - 898842.jpg
Blacklorg Hill, looking towards Glen Afton
Range: Carsphairn Hills
Summit: 2,234 feet NS65390424
55°18’50"N, 4°7’22"W

Blacklorg Hill is a sprawling hill of 2,234 feet amongst the Carsphairn Hills, marking the border of Ayrshire to the west with Dumfriesshire to the east. The mountain is on the watershed between the two; its eastern slopes draining the Solway Firth and its western to the Firth of Clyde. It is close by the bounds of Kirkcudbrightshire too, which meets the other two counties at Meikledodd Hill half a mile to the south.

Blacklorg Hill has a northern bulge is called 'Greenlorg Hill'. The whole hill might be seen as a subsidiary hill of Blackcraig Hill, 2,297 feet, just to the north, wholly in Ayrshire.

On the eastern slopes of Blacklorg Hill rise several burns which feed the infant River Nith, one of the great rivers of Dumfriesshire; amongst them the Kello Water, the Euchan Water and the Scar Water. The Water of Ken rises on the southern slopes, which reaches the sea in Kirkcudbright Bay. On the Ayrshire side, the sources of the Afton Water are on the western slope of Blacklorg Hill.


Blacklorg may be climbed either from the Ayrshire side or the Dumfriesshire side. From Ayrshire tracks lead up Afton Glen by the Afton Water, and from the east the Southern Upland Way approaches. The hill is usually climbed along with Blackcraig Hill

A marker post directs the walker in the direction of Blackcraig Hill following an old fence line to the north. Old fence stakes and coils of wire indicate the route until just short of the water shed a fence line is picked up again leading to the summit.


This is now a harsh hill but has a pleasant stone-scattered grassy slope to the very summit, which is marked by a cairn built into a fence. From the summit the remnants of an old wall lead down towards Cannock Hill. Several cairns are to be found across the summit plateau.

Fine views may be enjoyed from the summit, down to Glen Afton westwards immediately below to the Ayrshire plain and beyond to the see, to Arran and Ailsa Craig on a clear day. To the south spreads Upper Nithsdale. To the north the southern Highlands scratch the far horizon.