Wet Sleddale Horseshoe

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Tarn on Great Saddle Crag

The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe is an upland area in the Shap Fells in the Lake District, around the Wet Sleddale Reservoir, in Westmorland. The name was given by Alfred Wainwright in describing a walk around the tops, which is the subject of a chapter of his book The Outlying Fells of Lakeland.[1]

Wainwright's walk starts at the reservoir dam and follows a clockwise circuit over Sleddale Pike at 1,659 feet, Great Saddle Crag at 1,850 feet and Ulthwaite Rigg at 1,648 feet.

The walk can be begun from the dam wall of the Wet Sleddale Reservoir, and head out as far west as Tarn Crag, near the head of Longsleddale

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