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Strathdevon in Clackmannanshire

Strathdevon is the broad valley of the River Devon in Perthshire and Clackmannanshire. Strathdevon is most closely associated with the parish of Muckhart, which forms the southernmost undetached tip of Perthshire.

The River Devon flows south through Perthshire towards Muckhart here the valley broadens into Strathdevon. The strath stretches east to west from upper Yetts o' Muckhart and the Glen Devon area westwards along the Ochil Hills. In the upper Yetts o' Muckhart there is a building that was the tollgate for the B934 road that leads to Dunning Glen and the A823, which in turn leads to Glen Devon and Gleneagles.[1]

Below the villages of Muckhart (Yetts o' Muckhart and Pool of Muckhart), the river and its valley pass into Clackmannanshire, coming to Dollar, Tillicoultry, Alva and then Menstrie at the far western edge of the county, where the river turns south twards the River Tay.


The Strathdevon and Crook of Devon areas of Perthshire, in which the River Devon and Black Devon flow, are overlooked by the tops of the Ochil Hills, from where most of the area can be seen. The Black Devon flows past Clackmannan and links with the River Forth south of Alloa. The Ochil Hills have been mined for minerals including gold and silver, with cobalt, tin, copper and iron.[2]

Otters can be seen in early mornings and late evenings in winter time around the tillicoultry areas of the River Devon. Salmon and sea trout navigate to the Devon and Black Devon a few times a year from Greenland and Arctic areas. Salmon and sea trout steps are to be found on the river located at Cambus and Dollar in Clackmannanshire.

The River Devon Angling Association was formed in 1905 and manages over 15 miles of this river.

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