Stainforth Force

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Stainforth Force
Stainforth Force, upper fall - - 1452114.jpg
Stainforth Force
River: River Ribble
Fall: 8 feet
Co-ordinates: 54°6’0"N, 2°16’44"W

'Stainforth Force (also known as Ribble Falls), is a cascade waterfall eight feet tall on the River Ribble by Stainforth, three miles north of Settle in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

The waterfall is a popular tourist attraction in autumn when salmon are migrating up the river.


Stainforth Force is a small cascade waterfall about 50 yards south of Stainforth Bridge,[1] and some three miles north of Settle, in the West Riding.

The partially eroded rock that the water travels over here is the Chapel House Limestone, which has been exposed by a small anticline.[2] However, to make the way for migrating salmon easier, the Yorkshire Dales National Park carved the rock " an inconspicuous way.."[3]

In autumn the spot is a popular tourist attraction on account of the salmon leaping up the falls to reach the spawning grounds upriver.[4][5] The plunge pool below the last fall, described as being "..a dark, [and] sinister-looking pool..", is popular with wild swimmers, and the site is also a popular stopping point on the Ribble Way.[6][7][8]

The site was also said to have been a favoured location of Edward Elgar, who visited his friend Dr Buck who was living in Settle at the time.[9][10] A picture of Elgar stood on the bridge is said to have been up on Elgar's wall at his house.[3]

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