Slieve Foy

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Slieve Foy
County Louth
Slieve Foy viewed outside Carlingford 12-2010
Range: Cooley Mountains
Summit: 1,932 feet J16901193
54°2’36"N, 6°12’58"W

Slieve Foy or Slieve Foye is the highest peak of a ridge of mountains collectively referred to as Carlingford Mountain, which rises near the town of Carlingford, County Louth.

Its name is form the Irish language, Sliabh Feá

Slieve Foy rises to an altitude of 1,932 feet, and at this is the highest peak in County Louth. The chain of mountains of which it is a part rises at The Foxes Rock, and runs for roughly 4 miles in a south easterly direction, culminating in Slieve Foy itself.

Carlingford Mountain ridge is one of two ridges on the Cooley Peninsula which together make up the Cooley Mountains.

The area is steeped in legend, and the profile of the mountain is said to resemble a sleeping giant, thought by some to be Finn MacCumhaill (Finn McCool). Slieve Foy looks directly across Carlingford Lough to the Mourne Mountains in Ulster.