Cooley Mountains

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The Cooley Mountains from the south

The Cooley Mountains fill most of the Cooley Peninsula in the north-east of County Louth. They consist of two ridges oriented north-west to south-east, separated by the valley of Glenmore with the Big River running through it.

Slieve Foy at 1,929 feet is the highest peak on the eastern ridge and the county top of County Louth. The ridge rises at The Foxes Rock (1,325 feet), and runs for roughly four miles in a south-easterly direction to the town of Carlingford. The entire ridge is known as Carlingford Mountain.

Two other mountains in the Cooley mountains are locally known as Maeve's Gap and Paddy's top. Maeve's Gap received its name from the Legendary Queen Maeve who led her armies through this area.

The highest hill in the eastern ridge is Clermont Carn (1,673 feet).


The mountains are the mythological home of the game of hurling as told in the Táin Bó Cúailnge, when Setanta traveled through these mountains hitting his sliothar (ball) before him on his way to Emain Macha, this feat is re-enacted every year in the All-Ireland Poc Fada Championship which takes place on Annaverna Mountain.

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