River Lydden

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River Lydden at Bagber Bridge

The River Lydden, fifteen miles long, is a tributary of the River Stour that flows through Blackmore Vale in Dorset.[1][2][3]

The river's headwaters rise at the foot of the scarp slope of the Dorset Downs near Buckland Newton[1] and coalesce south of Pulham, from where the river flows north-east to it meeting with the Wonston Brook.[2] Continuing in a northerly direction, the Lydden passes King’s Stag, to Twoford bridge where it is crossed by the A357 between Lydlinch and Bagber. Beyond this point t he river swallows its main tributary, the Caundle Brook.

The lower course of the River Lydden then flows beneath the listed Bagber Bridge where it is crossed by a minor road, to join the Stour near King’s Mill south west of Marnhull.[3]

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