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The River Flit at Clophill

The River Flit is a short river in Bedfordshire, which is becomes a tributary of the River Ivel in that county.

The Flit flows through Flitwick, then past Greenfield and Flitton, then through Clophill, Chicksands, and Shefford, then past Stanford, before meeting the River Ivel at Langford.

The river's name appears not to be ancient, but is a back-formation from the name of Flitton.[1] However other sources derive the names of Flitton and Flitwick from that of the river. The Flitt Hundred of Bedfordshire is hereabouts also.


According to the FishHere website the river is "noted for carp, dace, perch and roach fishing. Run by Shefford and District Angling Association. Permits are available from local tackle shops".[2]


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