River Dulas, Dovey north bank

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The Dulas near Corris

The River Dulas (also referred to as the North Dulas) is a river forming the border between Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire.


It rises from a source in the hills above Aberllefenni and passes through Corris, Esgairgeiliog and Pantperthog before joining the River Dovey at Ffridd Gate near Machynlleth. Another river also called the Dulas joins the Dovey from the south, upstream of its confluence with the North Dulas.

Roads and Railways in the Dulas valley

  • The A487 trunk road follows the valley from Ffridd Gate to Corris
  • The Roman road Sarn Helen probably followed the valley from Aberllefenni to Ffridd Gate
  • The Corris Railway ran through the valley from Aberllefenni to Ffridd Gate


  • Nant Ralltgoed (also known as Nant Ceiswyn)
  • Afon Llefenni
  • Afon Deri (formerly known as Afon Corris)
  • Nant y Goedwig
  • Afon Glesyrch
  • Nant y Cadian
  • Nant y Darren

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