Richmond Falls

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Richmond Falls
The River Swale at Richmond - - 271390.jpg
Part of the Richmond Falls
River: River Swale
Co-ordinates: 54°24’4"N, 1°44’3"W

Richmond Falls are found on the River Swale by Richmond in the North Riding of Yorkshire. These are a series of low waterfalls where the river tumbles over rocks in the stretch of the river that narrows passing the hill on which Richmond stands.[1]

They are one of the last waterfalls on the Swale before the river reaches the lower country grounds of the Vale of Mowbray, and are normally of modest size bu they can be affected easily, much like the rest of the Swale, by heavy rain and flooding, making for dramatic viewing. Because of the steep nature of the rocks, the falls are a barrier to fish passage upstream.[2]

The Richmond Falls


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