North West Liberties of Londonderry

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Location of the Liberties

The North West Liberties of Londonderry are the parts of County Londonderry to the west of the River Foyle, excluding the City of Londonderry itself within the walls. The Liberties were lands granted to The Honourable The Irish Society on the refoundation of Derry as Londonderry in order that the company could control the mouth of the River Foyle. In the same way, the North East Liberties of Coleraine were created part of the county east of the River Bann to give control over that river's mouth.

The North West Liberties of Londonderry have the status of a barony of County Londonderry.[1] They are bordered two baronies in the United Kingdom and two in the Republic of Ireland: In County Londonderry is Tirkeeran to the east, across Lough Foyle and to the south is Strabane Lower in Tyrone, while across the border in County Donegal are Raphoe North to the southwest; and Inishowen West to the north.