Little Cockup

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Little Cockup
Little Cockup - - 1024014.jpg
Little Cockup
Range: Uldale Fells
Summit: 1,296 feet NY265335
54°41’28"N, 3°8’30"W

Little Cockup is a fell in Cumberland, in the Northern Fells of the Lake District. It is in the Uldale Fells, about 3 miles north of Skiddaw, adjoining the larger fell of Great Cockup half a mile to the east. Little Cockup climbs to 1,296 feet.[1]

Another hill called plain 'Cockup' is about a mile to the south, beyond the little dale of the Dash Beck. Between the two, Whitewater Dash tumbles down the dale: one of the finest of the waterfalls of Lakeland. The name is from the Old English cocc hopa: 'Cock Valley'.


Little Cockup is located near the Great Cockup fell and was given its name of Little Cockup to distinguish it from Great Cockup. Little Cockup is smaller and lower than Great Cockup, which rises to 1,726 feet above sea level. Little Cockup is often used by fellwalkers and hikers as part of one of several routes to ascend Great Cockup.

There is no path up Little Cockup, and walkers must go through patches of brambles on the way up. There is a circular stone ledge near the top of the fell and on the summit is a cairn with common heather growing around it. Great Cockup and Bassenthwaite Lake can be seen from its summit.[2][3]

In popular culture

Little Cockup si not given a chapter of its own in Wainwright's Pictorial Guide ot the Lakeland Fells but it is covered under the chapter for Great Cockup.[3]

Because the name of Little Cockup is a double entendre, it is often included on lists of rude-sounding place names.[4][5]


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