Lecale Lower

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Lecale Lower

Lecale Lower is a barony in County Down.[1] It lies to the east of the county with Strangford Lough to its north and the Irish Sea to its right. It is bordered by five other baronies: Lecale Upper to the south; Ards Upper to the north-east just across the mouth of Strangford Lough; Dufferin to the north; Castlereagh Upper to the north-west; and Kinelarty to the west.[1]

In mediæval times the Ó Coltair (Coulter) sept is noted in the Lecale Lower area, of which the townland of Ballyculter gets its name.[2][3]

The barony of Lecale Lower was created in 1851 when the barony of Lecale was split into two, the other part being Lecale Upper.[4]

List of settlements

Below is a list of the villages and population centres in Lecale Lower:[5][6]



List of parishes

Below is a list of parishes in Lecale Lower:[5][7][6]