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Humberston Beach
Grid reference: TA310053
Location: 53°31’41"N, 0°1’30"W
Population: 5,384  (2001)
Post town: Grimsby
Postcode: DN36
Local Government
Council: North East Lincolnshire

Humberston is a village south of Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, a place of 5,384 folk according to the 2001 census.

The parish boundary with Cleethorpes runs along North Sea Lane and Humberston Road. The Greenwich Meridian runs east of Humberston, through the Thorpe Park caravan site.

Humberston is named from a large boulder known as the "Humber Stone", which was deposited on the site of the former Midfield Farm during the last Ice Age. The boulder may be seen at the entrance to the village library, near St Peter's Church. The village was formerly spelled 'Humberstone'; it is believed that the final "e" was dropped to avoid confusion with Humberstone in Leicestershire.


Local legend tells that Danes landed at the site of the village in 870.[1]

The oldest (and tallest) building in Humberston is St Peter's Church. Although the church was rebuilt about 1710, the tower is over seven hundred years old.[2]

At the rear of the church is the site of the former Humberston Abbey of Benedictine monks, which was founded during the reign of Henry II and dedicated to Saints Mary and Peter. Although nearly all that remains is the monks' mound in the manor-house garden, stone sarcophagi have been excavated.[3]

Wesleyan Methodists built a small chapel on Humberston Avenue in 1835, and a larger replacement chapel was built in 1907.[4] An early wireless station was built in 1910.

Around and about the village

A man-made lake off North Sea Lane is in the centre of Cleethorpes Country Park. The park has picnic benches, fishing jetties and dog-swimming and wildlife areas. It is home to Canada geese and other wildfowl.

The Humberston Fitties conservation area, known as Fitties Field during the late 1940s and early 1950s, is in the village. Also in Humberston is Thorpe Park, a caravan park.


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