Farnham, Essex

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St. Mary the Virgin church, Farnham, Essex - geograph.org.uk - 154563.jpg
St Mary the Virgin church, Farnham
Grid reference: TL474248
Location: 51°54’8"N, 0°8’36"E
Population: 410  (2011[1])
Post town: Bishop's Stortford
Postcode: CM23
Dialling code: 01279
Local Government
Council: Uttlesford

Farnham is a small village and parish in Essex, situated near Bishop's Stortford in neighbouring Hertfordshire. The main features are Farnham Church of England Primary School, the church and the Three Horseshoes pub in Hazel End, which some consider a hamlet in its own right. The population is approximately 300, increasing to 410 at the 2011 census.[1] It is divided up into several areas, such as Farnham, Hazel End, Bell's Cottages, Saven End and Farnham Green. The name is derived from Fernham, meaning 'Hamlet in the ferns'.

This village is also mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as the site of a battle between King Alfred’s army and a Viking army that had captured a great war-booty in 893. King Alfred defeated the Vikings and recovered the booty.

Þa hie gefengon micle herehyð, & þa woldon ferian norþweardes ofer Temese in on Eastseaxe ongean þa scipu. Þa forrad sio fierd hie foran, & him wið gefeaht æt Fearnhamme, & þone here gefliemde, & þa herehyþa ahreddon...
They (the Vikings) had now seized much booty, and would ferry it northward over Thames into Essex, to meet their ships. But the army (king Alfred’s) rode before them, fought with them at Farnham, routed their forces, and there arrested the booty...

Farnham is mentioned in the Domesday Book as one of the settlements in Clavering Hundred.


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