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Caernarfon castle, a Cadw property
Cadw logo

Cadw (English: to keep, pronounced cad-oo) is the historic environment service of the Welsh Government.

Cadw was created by Parliament in 1984, at the same time as English Heritage and Historic Scotland, and transferred to the devolved authorities when they were created.

Conservation and Protection

Many of Wales's great castles and other monuments, such as bishop's palaces, historic houses, and ruined abbeys, are now in Cadw's care. Cadw does not own them but is responsible for their upkeep and for making them accessible to the public. Cadw is also responsible for listing[1] and ensuring the preservation of historic buildings and archaeological sites.

Visitor Attractions and Membership

Carreg Cennen Castle, an attraction currently in Cadw's care

Cadw operates many of the attractions in its care and opens them to the public. These attractions contain tours of the monuments, exhibitions and display panels. Cadw also sells books and guidebooks to many of their properties.

Becoming a member of Cadw, called Heritage in Wales, gives the member free access to all Cadw properties for the length of the membership (annuaully or life), half price entry to all properties operated by English Heritage in England, Historic Scotland in Scotland or Manx National Heritage on the Isle of Man. Members also receive a pack, magazine subscription and a discount in any Cadw shops.

Notable Properties include, but are not limited to:

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