Bradoge Bridge

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Bradoge Bridge is the most westerly point of the inhabited parts of the United Kingdom: only St Kilda and Rockall lie further west. Unique amongst the extreme points of the United Kingdom, it is inland, in the westernmost corner of Fermanagh, with the fields of the Republic of Ireland surrounding it from north-west to south: County Donegal to the west and County Leitrim to the south.

Consequent to its position, it is also the absolute westernmost point of Northern Ireland and of its own county, Fermanagh. The place is in the townland of Manger Beg, to the south-west of Belleek, the United Kingdom's westernmost village.

Here the landscape is of green fields and scattered farms. The land within the United Kingdom's farthermost boundary is a triagle which tapers to a point at the bank of the Bradoge River. The bridge over the river is a hundred yards or so downstream, over the border.