Blackstairs Mountains

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The Blackstairs Mountains

The Blackstairs Mountains (Irish: Na Staighrí Dubha) run roughly north-south along the border between County Carlow and County Wexford in the Republic of Ireland. The highest of these hills is Mount Leinster, which stands on the border of the two counties (and is the county top of each).

Towns among the Blackstairs Mountains include:

The hills

The chief hills of the range are:

Hill Height Grid Ref County
Mount Leinster 2,612 feet S844528 Co Carlow / Co Wexford
Blackstairs Mountain 2,411 feet S810448 Co Carlow / Co Wexford
Black Rock Mountain 1,965 feet S862525 Co Wexford
Knockroe 1,772 feet S819496 Co Carlow
Slievebawn 1,706 feet S806548 Co Carlow
Carrigroe 1,624 feet S793415 Co Carlow / Co Wexford
Carrigalachan 1,519 feet S78994272 Co Wexford
Croaghaun 1,493 feet S834576 Co Carlow
Slievebaun 1,457 feet S81484299 Co Wexford