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The Kessock Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge across the Beauly Firth

The Beauly Firth is a firth separating the counties of Inverness and Ross. It is effectively a continuation of the Moray Firth westward, and is bounded at one end by Beauly and at the other by Inverness (North Kessock and South Kessock). The Kessock Ferry has crossed at the eastern end since the 15th century.[1] Today, the A9 trunk road crosses on the Kessock Bridge.

The River Ness empties into the Beauly Firth after flowing from Loch Ness by way of Inverness.

The Beauly Firth has several names in Scottish Gaelic including Linne Fharair, Poll an Ròid and Caolas Uisge a' Mhanachainn - the latter being a more literal version of the English.


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