Arbury Hill

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Arbury Hill
Arbury Hill, Northamptonshire 17th April 2008 (1).JPG
Arbury Hill from the west
Summit: 738 feet SP5401558770
52°13’28"N, 1°12’38"W

Arbury Hill in Northamptonshire is a distinctly shaped hill found 5½ miles south-west of Daventry. At 738 feet, Arbury Hill’s summit is the highest point in Northamptonshire.

The hill is part of a three-way watershed. Northamptonshire has the remarkable distinction that no river nor stream however small enters the county from elsewhere, though it is the source of several rivers issuing from the county. On the slopes of Arbury Hill are the sources of:

The hill is privately owned and not generally accessible.


On the summit of Arbury Hill there are the vestiges of an fortification, which is usually identified as an Iron Age Fort although this was disputed by the Royal Commission in 1981. The remains are in the form of a square ditch and embankment about 200 yards across; rather an unusual formation for an Iron Age fort.


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