River Druie

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The River Duie by Inverdruie

The River Druie (Gaelic: Drùidh) is a right bank tributary of the River Spey in Inverness-shire. The Druie tributary, Am Beanaidh emerges from Loch Einich, and flows north through Gleann Einich. To its east, the Allt Drùidh flows northeastwards out of the Lairig Ghru. At their confluence in Rothiemurchus Forest some 4 miles southeast of Aviemore, the Druie is born.

The combined waters flow as the River Druie beneath the Cairngorm Club Footbridge and on to meet the waters of the River Luineag immediately above the bridge carrying the B970 road over the river at Coylumbridge. The Druie flows a further mile and a half past Inverdruie to meet the Spey at the southern end of Aviemore.

The Luineag emerges from Loch Morlich within the Glenmore Forest Park and receives all the drainage from the northern slopes of Cairn Gorm.