Bishop Wilton Wold

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Bishop Wilton Wold
Garrowby Hill tumulus.jpg
The summit of Garrowby Hill
Range: Yorkshire Wolds
Summit: 807 feet SE820569

Bishop Wilton Wold is the highest point of the East Riding of Yorkshire and of the Yorkshire Wolds. The summit is also known as Garrowby Hill, which is found on the garrowby Road about 5 miles north of Pocklington.

As with most of the wolds, it is wide, flat and agricultural in nature. The A166 road passes right by the top. There is a trig point, and also two covered reservoirs and a radio aerial.

The British artist David Hockney painted the view from the summit in 1998.

Halifax bomber crash 1944

Halifax bomber OO-R of 1663 HCU

At around 10 am on the 7 February 1944[1] a Halifax MkV, DK192 (OO-N) from 1663 HCU based at RAF Rufforth[2] crashed on Garrowby Hill.[3]

As well as the 7 aircrew who were on a training flight, a passing lorry driver was also killed. There is a memorial in a layby on the A166 at Garrowby Hill


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