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Waterloo is a small hamlet in Glamorgan, to the south of the Rhymney River which forms the border with Monmouthshire. It is located three miles east of Caerphilly.

History and amenities

Whilst there is only a selection of houses, there was at one time a large tin plate works which, amongst other items, made equipment for the aviation industry (there was an aircraft works at Machen, next to the foundry which was just above the Royal Oak) and to support various other enterprises in the area. The tinplate works closed around 1943.

Also sited at Waterloo was the Coates Brothers Paint works which was, together with the colliery, one of the biggest employers in the area. The company was later devoted to making inks, and closed in the late 1990s.

Between 1891 and 1956 there was a halt on the Newport to Caerphilly railway. Uniquely, because the double-track railway was split either side of the valley here, only westbound trains used this station.

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