Tydd St Mary

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Tydd St Mary
Tydd St Mary - geograph.org.uk - 172182.jpg
Tydd St Mary
Grid reference: TF443185
Location: 52°44’44"N, 0°8’15"E
Population: 858  (2001)
Postcode: PE13 5
Local Government
Council: South Holland
South Holland
and The Deepings

Tydd St Mary is a village in the very south of Lincolnshire, 9 miles east of Spalding and about 5 miles north of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. The Civil Parish includes the hamlet of Tydd Gote which lies partly in Tydd St Mary[1] and partly in Tydd St Giles, Cambridgeshire.[2]

The village has two mediæval boundary crosses, one at Manor Hill Corner, which is grade II listed[3] and a scheduled monument,[4][5] and White Cross which stands north of Poultry Farm at Hunts Gate at the western edge of the village and is a scheduled monument.[6][7]

Parish Chrch

St Mary Church

The parish church is a Grade I listed building dedicated to Saint Mary dating from the 12th century and restored 1869. It has a 15th-century west tower and a 15th-century font.[8] At the entrance to the churchyard is a Grade II listed Lychgate dating from 1919.[9] In the churchyard is a grade II listed fragment of a mediæval cross dating from the 14th century.[10]

Great houses

Tysdale House is an early 16th century Grade II listed Hall with later alterations. The building was originally H Shape with an open Hall, which was floored in the 17th century and the plan changed in the 18th.[11][12]

The present Dunton Hall was built on the site of an earlier house, built by Sigismund Trafford who died in 1741. The present Dunton Hall is early 19th century and grade II listed.[13][14]


Roadside houses near Tydd St Mary

Tydd Station was a railway station on the Peterborough and Sutton Bridge Branch of the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway, which opened in 1866 and closed in 1959.[15]

During the First World War an airfield was established here, during late 1916 or early 1917 as a Home Defence airfield for night patrols. It was used by 51 squadron whose headquarters were at Marham B Flight, established at Tydd St Mary in the summer of 1917.[16]

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