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Stubble below Tinto.jpg
Tinto from the south
Range: Southern Uplands
Summit: 2,335 feet NS953344
55°35’31"N, 3°39’46"W

Tinto is a hill in Lanarkshire, standing at 2,335 feet at its summit. Tinto is an outlying hill of the Southern Uplands, comprising little more than this one top, which stands on the west bank of the River Clyde, some eight miles west of Biggar.

The peak is also called "Tinto Tap".

An old Scots children's rhyme tells of the "kist in the mist" at "Tintock tap":

On Tintock tap, there is a mist,
And in that mist, there is a kist,
And in that kist, there is a cup,
And in that cup, there is a drap.
Tak' up that cup, and drink that drap, that's in yon kist, on Tintock tap!

Tinto from Lanark Racecourse

The hill is accessible for walking (moderate to difficult) and is one of the premier locations for hanggliding and paragliding. Tinto is located near the small villages of Thankerton and Wiston.

Tinto is also the venue for one of the most popular hill running races, which is held annually in November.

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