Stickle Tarn

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Stickle Tarn from above

Stickle Tarn is a small tarn amongst the Langdale Fells of westernmost Westmorland. It lies on the slope below Harrison Stickle.

The tarn was enlarged by the building of a stone dam in 1838 and is used to supply water for the inhabitants of Great Langdale.

Stickle Tarn lies in a corrie, flanked on the west side by Harrison Stickle, and on the north by the massive imposing bulk of Pavey Ark's south face. The tarn is frequently visited by fellwalkers ascending to Pavey Ark's summit, or en route to High Raise from Great Langdale.

In February 2015 the land here including Stickle Tarn was put up for sale by the Lake District National Park Authority, which was seeking to reduce its landholdings in the national park.[1]