Srath na Sealga River

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The Srath na Sealga

The Srath na Sealga River is a minor river of Ross-shire, rising in the mountains of Wester Ross and carving on its course the valley named Strath na Sealga, after which the river is named.

The river rises in several burns on the slopes of Sgùrr Dubh in Ross-shire and, unnamed, runs northward down to Loch an Nid, from which it emerges, tumbling over a waterfall and flowing north again as the Abhainn Loch an Nid. Soon it enters a substantial detached part of Cromartyshire, in which it makes its course as far as the Strath na Sealga.

The Strath na Sealga begins as the waters are forced northwestward and into tight meanders. In the opening valley the river is known now as the Srath na Sealga River. A quarter of the way into the valley the river re-enters Ross-shire. After about three miles in the Strath na Sealga, the river enters Loch na Sealga, a freshwater loch which lies between the Dundonnell and Fisherfield Forests.

The outflow of the loch to the sea is the Gruinard River.