Roodstown Castle

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Roodstown Castle

County Louth

Roodstown Castle, Co. Louth - - 881265.jpg
Roodstown Castle
Type: Tower house
Grid reference: N99579246
Location: 53°52’20"N, 6°29’12"W
Village: Roodstown
Built 15th century
Owned by: Heritage Ireland

Roodstown Castle is a 15th-century tower house in County Louth.

Today the castle is in state care and it is noted as a 'national monument'.

Roodstown Castle is located by the roadside, two miles north-northeast of Ardee.[1][2]


Roodstown Castle was built in the 15th century, standing at a strategic point between the River Glyde, River Dee, Ardee and the Irish Sea. It is similar to, although taller than, the ten-pound castles built under King Henry VI. It is locally associated with the Taaffe family.[3]

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Roodstown Castle is a rectangular tower house of four storeys with small turrets at diagonally opposed corner: a spiral stairway in the south-east and garderobes in the north-west.[4]

The castle contained a vaulted ground-floor cellar or storage space, a murder-hole, a crenellated parapet, chemin de ronde.

The upper floors have large ogee windows and fireplaces.[5][6][7][8]