River Dee, County Louth

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The River Dee is a river flowing through three counties in Leinster. It springs near Bailieborough in County Cavan and flows in an easterly direction for over 30 miles through Meath and County Louth before entering the River Glyde at the village of Annagassan.

The Dee, itself a tributary of the River Glyde, has three main tributaries of its own:

  • The Killary River, which joins south of Drumconrath, Meath;
  • The Gara River, which joins west of Ardee, Co. Louth; and
  • The White River, which joins north of Dunleer, Co Louth.

There is one lake on the Dee, called Whitewood Lake which is near Nobber, Meath.

The Dee passes through towns such Nobber, Ardee, and Annagassan.

Coordinates: 53°53′N 6°21′W / 53.883°N 6.35°W / 53.883; -6.35

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