River South Esk

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The South Esk at Glen Doll

The South Esk is a river in Angus; a tributary to none, it enters the sea at Montrose.

The South Esk rises in the Grampian Mountains, by the border of Aberdeenshire at Loch Esk, and soon receives waters coming down from Cairn Bannock on the border.

Just below Braedownie the infant South Esk receives the waters of the White Water, which has run the other side of Craig Mellon, and the river flows down through Glen Clova into Strathmore at Cortachy, 3 miles north of Kirriemuir.

The course of the river takes it past Brechin and soon down into the gulf of the Montrose Basin and through the basin's mouth at Montrose out into the North Sea.

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