River Don, Lancashire

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The River Don at Cockden Bridge

The River Don is a small river in Lancashire, which is a tributary of the River Brun, itself a tributary of the Lancashire Calder, which the Brun enters barely two miles after swallowing the Don.

The river bears the name "Don" only in its lowest part, as it passes the industrial estates of Burnley.

Rising on Peacock Hill as Hey Stacks Clough, the stream runs westwards to Black Clough Head where it collects Tom Groove and becomes Black Clough.

Black Clough continues past Robin Hood's House to Rapes Hole.

Now known as Thursden Brook, the river passes by Cockridge Copy and into the Thursden Valley northeast of Burnley.

The Thursden Brook becomes the River Don at Cockden Bridge and runs through Scrogg's Wood near Heasandford, flowing into the River Brun at Netherwood Bridge.

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