River Calder, Lancashire

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Bridges over the Calder at Padiham

The River Calder flowing through Lancashire is a major tributary of the River Ribble.

The Calder rises starting in Cliviger close to Burnley in Lancashire and runs for some 15 miles to the Ribble. Its source is very close to that of its more famous namesake, the River Calder, Yorkshire, whose waters flow to the east coast, while those of the Lancashire Calder flow to the west coast. Also close by is the spring of the River Irwell.

The Calder flows through Towneley Park passing Unity College and Fulledge Recreation Ground. It passes through a culvert in the Burnley Embankment on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and on through Burnley town centre where it is joined by the River Brun.

Having swallowed the Brun in Burnley, the Calder flows north through the site of Burnley College and out of the town, where it is joined by the Pendle Water before turning west past Ightenhill and Gawthorpe Hall and through the town of Padiham.

It passes through Altham and Whalley, passing the ruins of Whalley Abbey, then being crossed by the red brick Whalley Viaduct. It drops into the Ribble near Great Mitton.

In its passage east of Padiham the river was diverted in the 19th century away from Gawthorpe Hall because of pollution, being restored to the original route in the 1960s.

Towns and villages

Towns and villages on the river include: