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The River Aled near Rhyd-yr-arian.

The River Aled is a small river of Denbighshire which flows into the River Elwy.[1]

The river originates at Llyn Aled on Mynydd Hiraethog to the south of the village of Llansannan. It flows through Llyn Aled Isaf and then north through Llansannan and Bryn Rhyd-yr-arian before meeting the River Elwy to the east of Llanfair Talhaearn.

The River Aled is controlled, and thus so is the River Elwy, by reservoirs and Llyn Aled.

In the Middle Ages the river marked the boundary between the commotes of Upper and Lower Aled.

Fishing on a long section of the River Aled is controlled by the Rhyl and St Angling Association, near to Bryn Rhyd-yr-Arian. Fly fishing here offers the chance to catch wild brown trout in truly peaceful surroundings. Later in the season there is also a chance of sea trout and even Atlantic Salmon.

River Aled taken from Pidgeon Bridge


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