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Arthur's stone

Reynoldston is a village and ancient parish on the Gower peninsula of Glamorgan. is situated on the Western slopes of Cefn Bryn, in the heart of Gower. It is thought to have derived its name from one of the early Lords of Gower, Reginald de Breos. The parish church is dedicated to St George.

Reynoldston is the intersection of North and South Gower and has the advantage of sharing the views of both landscapes. From the top of Cefn Bryn, the second highest point on Gower and whose prominent skyline dominates most of the views, you can wonder at the breathtaking scenery.

On a clear day, you can not only see the coastline of the peninsula, but over the Bristol Channel to Lundy Island, Devon and Exmoor, and north towards the Brecon Beacons and west to Carmarthenshire.

North-east of Reynoldston lies Arthur's Stone, a Neolithic tomb. There are many legends and tales associated with it. One in particular speaks of a local miller, who cut a piece off the stone to use as a millstone, but once it was apart, was too heavy to move. The separated piece has laid in its fallen state since. Another legend mentions that the stone was a pebble in King Arthur's boot. once he had removed it from his boot, he threw it across the water and it came to land on Cefn Bryn.

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