Pipers Island

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Pipers Island from Caversham Bridge
Pipers Island showing channel separating it from the Caversham bank of the river

Pipers Island, or Piper's Island, is a small island in the River Thames belonging to Oxfordshire. It is situated on the reach above Caversham Lock, close to the centre of the town of Reading, Berkshire and immediately adjacent to Caversham Bridge, a road bridge that links that town to its Oxfordshire suburb of Caversham.[1]

Pipers Island is entirely occupied by a public house and restaurant called The Island, and by moorings for an associated boat hire and cruise business. Pipers Island can be accessed on foot by way of a short footbridge and staircase that connects the island to the centre of Caversham Bridge. There is no vehicular access onto Pipers Island.[2][3][4]

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