Pewterers' Hall

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Pewterers' Hall


Pewterers' Hall, London.jpg
Pewterers' Hall
Type: Livery hall
Grid reference: TQ32278147
Location: 51°31’0"N, 0°5’42"W
City: London
Built 1961
Livery hall
Owned by: The Worshipful Company
of Pewterers

Pewterers' Hall stands in Oat Lane, near London Wall. It is the livery hall of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, one of the 110 livery companies of the City.

The present hall was built 1961 in a redbrick style of its time. This is the Pewterers' Company's third livery hall: the first was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the second was badly damaged by a gas explosion in 1883 and left in partial ruin for half a century thereafter.


The Company's earliest records show that its members attended every year at the Austin Friars Monastery. In 1484 the Company acquired a site in Lime Street and built their first livery hall there, which was completed in 1496. This hall survived until destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666.

A second Hall was built on the same site in 1670, elaborately decorated internally: Sir Christopher Wren himself advised on the panelling. The original panelling and chandeliers were installed in the current Hall. Usage declined slowly during the Georgian period and the Company last dined there in 1801. In 1883 the hall was badly damaged in a domestic accident: the cook turned the gas on, was unable to light it and did not close the valve. At that point the Beadle lit a match and caused an explosion. After the fire, there was no attempt to repair the Hall and it was demolished in 1932.

After war intervened, there was no attempt to rebuild the hall until in 1961 the current hall was built.

The company

The Pewterers' Company has existed since at least 1348. It ranks 16th in the order of precedence of City Livery Companies.

While pewter is no longer the major industry it once was, the Pewterers continue to support pewter craftsmen.

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