Carpenters' Hall

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Carpenters' Hall


Carpenters' Hall, London.JPG
Carpenters' Hall, London Wall frontage
Type: Livery hall
Grid reference: TQ32898145
Location: 51°30’59"N, 0°5’10"W
City: London
Address: One Throgmorton Avenue
Built 1960
Livery hall
Owned by: The Worshipful Company
of Carpenters
Website: Carpenters' Hall

Carpenters' Hall is the livery hall of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters, one of the privileged livery companies of the City of London. It stands on Throgmorton Avenue and London Wall in the City. While the company is ancient, their livery hall is not; it was built in 1960 to replace an earlier hall destroyed by German bombs during the Blitz.

As with other livery halls of the City, Carpenters’ Hall has been used since the Middle Ages for meetings of the Guild and by other organisations to meet and entertain, including other guilds.


The Carpenters’ Company has been based on London Wall since its first Hall was built there in 1429. Since that time, there have been three Halls:

  • The site was originally part of the estate of the Hospital of St Mary without Bishopsgate, also known as St Mary Spital. In January 1519/20 the land was acquired by Thomas Smart, Master of the Company, and he left it to the Company in his will dated 12 March of the same year. However in the mid-nineteenth century a fire severely weakened the building, and it as demolished so as to be replaced.
  • The second Hall was built during the 1870s, opening in 1880. This lasted until 1941, when a German air raid on London left the hall completely burnt out.
  • The third Hall, which still stands today, was built in 1960.

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