Peatrig Hill

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Peatrig Hill
Windy Knowe - - 69597.jpg
Windy Knowe, Whiteside Law, Peatrig Hill
Range: Moorfoot Hills
55°43’39"N, 3°1’14"W

Peatrig Hill is a minor hill in the Moorfoot Hills, in the parish of Heriot in Midlothian. The name of the hill is from Scots, and ultimately Old English, Peatrigg meaning "Peat Ridge".

Nearby hills include Blackhope Scar (2,136 feet), Dewar Hill, Garvald Law and Rough Moss (1,972 feet).

The hamlet of Dewar sits at the foot of the hill, in the valley of its little river, the Dewar Burn, down which dale runs the B709. The only other hamlet close to the hill is Garvald, to the north-west. Below the north slope of the hill runs the Heriot Water, formed from the junction of the Dewar Burn and the Blackhope Water, and beyond it rises Whiteside Law.

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