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Mugdrum - - 675365.jpg
Mugdrum seen from Carpow Hill, Fife
Location: 56°21’22"N, 3°15’21"W
Grid reference: NO225189
Area: 79 acres
Highest point: 13 ft
Population: nil

Mugdrum Island lies in the Firth of Tay, offshore from the town of Newburgh, Fife, but belonging to Perthshire.[1]


Mugdrum is low-lying and reedy, with the "North Deep" and "South Deep" channels on either side of the island. It covers an area of 32 acres.[1]


Mugdrum's name is from muc-dhruim, the Gaelic for hog-back. However, this was applied to the coast opposite, which part it was named for.[1]

The reeds were once harvested for thatching and for protecting potatoes during transshipment. Until 1926, a 50-acre farm grew cereals, potatoes and turnips in the island's alluvial soil. It is now a nature reserve under the stewardship of the Tay Valley Wildfowlers' Association.

The Laing Museum in Newburgh preserves the stuffed body of a two-headed kitten born in the 19th century on Mugdrum.


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