Morven, Caithness

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Morven, Caithness.jpg
Morven seen from the northeast
Summit: 2,316 feet ND004285
58°14’2"N, 3°41’52"W

Morven is a mountain in the southernmost part of Caithness, by the border with Sutherland. Its name comes from the Gaelic, in which it is called A' Mhòr Bheinn, meaning simply “Big Mountain”. Its summit is the highest point in the county of Caithness.

Caithness is generally very low lying. Morven's relative height therefore makes it a prominent feature of the landscape as seen from many different places in the county. It can also be seen across the Moray Firth, and indeed, a street in the seaside village of Findochty in Banffshire is named Morven Crescent after to its view of the mountain across the Firth.

There is also a Morven in Aberdeenshire and a district of Morvern in northern Argyllshire, both unrelated and in the latter case of quite different etymology.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, brother of King George VI, died in an air crash on a hillside near Morven on 25 August 1942 while serving in the Royal Air Force.

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