Monadhliath Mountains

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Carn Dearg summit

The Monadhliath Mountains in the southeast of Inverness-shire. They are a large group, spread out to the south of the Great Glen, north of the upper glen of the River Spey.

For beauty there is little which can compare with the Monadhliaths, but notwithstanding its breadth and ruggedness the range has just four Munros; mountains over 3,000 feet, and three Munro tops, which are clustered in the midst of the range with one outlier.

The Spey, the Dulnain, the Findhorn and the Nairn rise in these mountains to flow northeast, others drain north to Loch Ness and the Great Glen.

The highest mountains the Munros, are:

The ridge of Carn Dearg itself has three Munro tops.

Beyond this clutch of 3,000-foot mountains, the Monadhliath Mountains may often have the appearance of a high plateau.