Moffat Water

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The Moffat Water near Bodesbeck

The Moffat Water is a river of the mountains of Dumfriesshire, which ultimately is a tributary of the River Annan.

The Moffat rises in the Southern Uplands in a series of burns off the hillsides flowing south-west through the valley followed also by the A708 road. Between Mirk Side and Bran Law the streams receive the Tail Burn from the north, which here tumbles over a famous waterfall, the Grey Mare's Tail just above the river which below this point is known as the Moffat Water.

The Moffat continues south-west, carving Moffatdale, a dale which separates the Moffat Hills to the north-west from the Ettrick Hills to the south-east.

Moffatdale is a steep-sided, narrow dale, the valley floor widening but a little at Polmoodie. A little below in a meander at Bodesbeck the Moffat receives both the Bodesbeck Burn from the south and the Blackhope Burn from the north, and broadens.

The Moffat Water and the Evan Water join the River Annan together at Threewater Foot, south of the town of Moffat. The Moffat Water does not flow through the town whose name it shares.

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